26 September 2021

Weekly Project Update 12

There are weeks when you’ve got a lot of exciting things to say about a project, like the addition of a brand new whizzbang feature. And there are weeks when the only thing you can talk about are the small, incremental improvements made to stuff the user doesn’t see. I’m afraid this week was more of the latter. I was contemplating whether to even write an update at all, but it would probably be best for me to maintain this habit, less I fail to keep it up. But I’ll keep this one brief. I don’t want to turn these blog posts into some weird, self-imposed progress report that you see in large enterprises.

For Feed Journaler, most of the work done this week was on logging. There are two things I want to achieve here. The first, frankly, is to replace the embarrassing mixture of prints and NSLog calls that I’ve used for logging” in the initial version1. The second is to make it possible to see the logs for the purpose of troubleshooting. I’m hoping to eventually make it possible for users to submit logs alongside support requests, so that I have a chance to see what the app was doing when the user encountered a problem. So part of this week was moving the logs over to Apple’s Unified Logging System. I’ve heard stories about how useful this logging system actually is. So far it’s been working well, but I wouldn’t say I’ve been pushing it to any great extent.

Of course, just doing back-of-house work does not move Feed Journaler forward in terms of usefulness for the user. I did see some requests, both in the form of feedback and also from people asking on Micro.blog, about how one could import their entire blog into Day One. This did seem like a good feature to add, and I was originally going to start work on it once a proper v1 was release. But thinking about it now, it might be better to actually get this in sooner. So the other thing I started work on this week was an import feature, which could be used to import posts into Day One in bulk. For the first cut of this, I’m hoping to make it possible to import posts from a WXR file, which is an export format supported by Micro.blog. It’s still early days for this. I’ve only got as far as putting together the UI. How it’s going to work under the hood will be an interesting problem to solve. I’m still trying to get my head around building stuff in AppKit.

So, yeah, that’s it. Not much more to say about it this week. Hopefully there’s more to talk about next week.

  1. Ugh, it was so bad that if I was working with other developers, it wouldn’t pass code review.↩︎


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