12 September 2021

Weekly Project Update 10

Hey, these updates made it to double digits. I guess dedicating time in your calendar for writing actually work.

Big day for Feed Journaler yesterday. Have got an early access release out the door. I’ll admit, it took some getting over myself to getting it out there. This whole announcement” thing is not something I’m good at: I generally don’t like getting a lot of attention (not that there was a lot of attention). But besides that, it was notable to some extend: it’s my first distribution of a Mac app and I think my third real distribution of a finished” product.

There was a flurry of activities that lead up to this: getting the website up, fixing the last few bugs — including one show-stopper which was not properly changing the feed configuration view controller after restoring the window — and getting the app signed by Apple.

Here’s how the app looks now:

Main window of feed journalerMain window of feed journaler

There’s still a lot to do — this is only an early access release (i.e. alpha release) so there are several things that are still outstanding. But for the moment, I’m taking a little break to work on Alto Catalogue for a day or two.

I’ve been finding myself using it more often for my music listening, even though the same songs are on my local disk. It’s just that little bit nicer to navigate through my collection there than digging through the file system (I wouldn’t call it a nice experience though, it’s still pretty basic). But the music listening experience is pretty crappy. Clicking the play button next to the track brings up the browser-provided audio player in a separate tab, and although that works for single songs, it would be nice if the player plays through an album. I’m in the process of adding a basic web-player to achieve this. Once it’s done, the only issue would be that going to a new page will stop playback since the HTML frontend is being statically rendered and the the whole page is reloaded when clicking a link. There’s no real easy way to get around this, apart from rebuilding the entire UI in something like React, something that I’m not too keen on doing at this stage. There is hotwire.js which might help. Maybe there’s a thing there that would allow the page to reload except for a particular part of the DOM. I’ll probably need to spend some time looking into this.

Anyway, not heaps to say this week. Until next week.


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