29 August 2021

Weekly Project Update 8

It was difficult writing this update this week. I have to stop reading the news before I do.

Anyway, I spent a bit of last week working on Day One Sync. It feels like I’m in the last phase of this first release. I spent most of the time working on improving the usability of the UI, with a fair bit of that effort trying to get the constraint based layouts looking good. The feed update status is now working, and is being dynamically updated when the feed is being fetched in the background, which fixes the problem of having to switch between feed configs to get updated status information. In addition to this, another problem involving the resizing of the text view showing the summary of the last fetched item has been fixed. Previously this was resizing the whole window, but after reducing the content compression resistance priority from 750 to 250, the window remains at the same size and the summary is being neatly truncated.

Also of note is that feed names are now being set from the feed itself. After changing the feed URL, the app will now fetch the feed and set the name from the title. I originally had the idea of making the name configurable, but I figured that might be too much for an initial release.

Finally, the delete toolbar button is now working, making its possible to delete feed configs once more. This took some time to work out, and the solution that I’m using is not really all that nice. My main issue is that instantiating a new view controller when changing the selected feed config does not add that view controller to responders list. This is affecting the delete toolbar and menu item, which was sending a deleteSelectedFeed message to the first responder, but was not getting picked up by anything. I’ve got a workaround in place using the message bus library. It works but it’s not perfect as the delete feed menu item is still available even though no feed is selected. I think I’ve got a fix for this as well that won’t be pretty, but may have to do for the time being.

I think a lot of the work remaining are the small, niggly things that are relatively straightforward to do. It’s just a matter of finishing them. The thing is that as I approach the finish line of this project, I start getting reluctant to cross it. I’ll admit it, there’s an element of fear involved with releasing this. It’s not so much a fear of failure: that I can handle, as it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve released something that goes nowhere. It’s a little more of a fear of success, and having something that will be used and that would need supporting. I know that sounds a little presumptuous, but what can I say? It’s a real feeling I have. It might be that I’m thinking too much of that.

Anyway, that’s the update for this week. Until next week.


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