19 April 2021

For a brief period of time, when coming across a package or tool that I wanted to make a note of, I added it to this blog in the form of a link post. I’ve recently started using Pinboard for this purpose, meaning that there’s no longer a need to keep adding them here. Besides, I’ve found that their presence was cluttering up the index page a bit, not to mention the RSS feed.

So I plan to stop publishing links to packages and tools here unless I have something to say about them. The existing link posts have been deleted, and the links themselves have been moved to Pinboard. Some of them I’ve kept in the Bookmarks section, but they may not be safe even here. I’m intending to have Pinboard act as the source of truth for this sort of stuff going forward, so there may not be a need for a dedicated section for them on this blog at all.

I’ll probably keep adding link posts to articles though. At least there’s a post on the other end that may be worth reading.

P.S. I kept forgetting the name of the Pinboard service before I actually signed up to it. I think this happened at least three times in the last few weeks. I probably should have added a link to it when I came across it the first time.

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