18 March 2021

It looks like Intel has released a series of ads that have a go at Apple’s M1 chips. From Ars Technica:

Chipmaker Intel has produced a series of ads mocking Apple’s M1 Macs, and it brought on actor Justin Long—famous for his role in Apple’s 2000s I’m a Mac” ads opposite comedian John Hodgman—to satirize Apple’s own ad campaign.

It’s noteworthy that Intel has released ads that reference Apple’s I’m a Mac” campaign. This is the second throwback to this campaign that I can recall: the first were a series of ads from Microsoft released shortly after Windows 8 Windows Vista1. It shows how good that particular ad campaign was.

It’s also noteworthy, after watching half of one of the ads (sorry, I couldn’t really watch the whole thing), that the comparison between the two machine don’t relate to chip performance. Attributes like the number of monitors that can be driven are fair game, although remember these are still early days for the M1 chip. But the lack of gaming on MacOS, and touchscreens Macs? I don’t see how that relates to chip performance.

This whole thing smells of desperation on Intel’s part. I think what we’re witnessing here is a classic case of disruption of Intel’s PC chip incumbency, and instead of doing what’s necessary to pivot and compete with Apple head on — something that may require dramatic changes to how the company operates — Intel is going for quick wins to reach the mind of buyers. I’m not sure it will be enough to save it, though.

  1. Previously I stated Windows 8, but made correction thanks to this post on Daring Fireball.↩︎


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