2 March 2021

🔗 Blueutil

A CLI tool for controlling Bluetooth for MacOS. Might be useful for an idea I have whereby I turn off Bluetooth at a certain time of day.

Why would I want to do this? The Bluetooth headphones I have can pair to multiple devices, but when one of the devices is slightly out of range, the audio tends to stutter. I pair my headphones with my laptop, which I take home with me from work. For some reason, whenever I put my laptop to sleep, the Bluetooth radio is still powered on, and the headphones will pair with the sleeping laptop (at least, I think the laptop is sleeping). So, whenever I leave the house, the audio stutters.

Being able to automatically turn off Bluetooth at the end of the day would be nice. This tool is a first step in doing so. Now I need to find a way to schedule the comment (probably cron?).


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