1 March 2021

I’m going to claim that one of the biggest productivity sinks in software development is working with Jira. There’s so much to write about it. Today I’m going to rant about commenting.

I’ve learnt the hard way that it is never a good idea to write comments directly into Jira’s interface. There has been many times that I’ve spent a good portion of an hour doing so, only to have all my work go up in a puff of smoke when I accidentally refresh the page. Today, I lost a comment when I switched browser tabs away from a rapid board. Fortunately, the comment was only a single-line status update.

This really needs to be improved. I get the feeling that comments are one of the most important features of Jira. They are great for documenting findings of a feature or bug, given that they are so close to the actual story. For this reason, they need to be made so much more robust. Add drafts. Add auto-saving, even if it is just in the local browser storage itself. Just don’t let comments die when I accidentally reload the page.


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